Google Nest Thermostat E Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat - White

  • Discreet innovation: The Google Nest Thermostat E features a 1.76" 24-bit colour LCD frosted display with sharp 320 x 320 resolution that seamlessly blends into any home décor.
  • Reduce your energy bill: Nest uses smart learning technology and learns your schedule and heating/cooling preferences over time. It then takes this data and programs itself in a way that reduces overall energy usage. The environment and your wallet will thank you.
  • Smart savings: Nest is smart enough to turn down the thermostat when you're away at work, and it displays the Leaf icon to show you when it's at a temperature that's saving you money. Airwave automatically reduces air conditioning usage when indoor humidity isn't too high, so you'll get reduced energy bills while keeping the house cool.
  • Connectivity: Nest connects with your home's Wi-Fi network so you can control it from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere in the world. Or use your compatible iOS or Android mobile devices with the free Nest app and Bluetooth.
  • Remote monitoring: You can view Energy History on the Nest Mobile or Web apps so you can get detailed information about your energy usage and figure out how best to save. Plus, Nest lets you know something is out of the ordinary, like if the temperature is too low or too high, with an alert to your mobile device.
  • Weather aware: Nest monitors weather conditions so it can figure out how outdoor temperatures and weather affects your heating and cooling needs.
  • Works with Nest Initiative: Since Nest is smart and Wi-Fi-connected, it's able to work with a variety of other smart devices to provide additional convenience and functionality, and the list of compatible devices is growing all the time.

Google Nest Thermostat E: The inspiration behind the design.

 The Nest Thermostat E’s frosted display is beautifully designed to blend right in. It’s technology made to disappear – not fight to be seen. 

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